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Lam Ka Sing's last public appearance was at the Ko Shan Theater last Wednesday

Lam Ka Sing has received 3 honors from the Hong Kong government
At Dexter Yang's wedding, Ng Kwan Lai, Pak Suet Sin, Lam Ka Sing and Chan Ho Kau
Hung Dau Chi, Lam Ka Sing, Yam Kim Fai and Pak Suet Sin

Lam Ka Sing and Connie Chan in THE DUTIFUL DAUGHTER CHU CHU

Chan Ho Kau is so heartbroken that she refuses all call
Lam Kam Tong was Lam Ka Sing's first disciple
Four Great Cantonese Opera divas Ng Mei Ying, Nam Fung, Chan Ho Kau and Wan Yin Fei celebrated Brother Sing's 82nd birthday
Over 200 fans attended Lam Ka Sing's honorary degree presentation
Wu Fung
Kenneth Tsang

Lam Ka Sing's THE SOUNDS OF BATTLE is the license test for new Cantonese Opera leads
Brother Sing and Ng Lai Kwan
Lam Ka Sing and Fong Yim Fun in WHY NOT RETURN
Lam Ka Sing in A CONFUSING HONEYMOON with Law Kim Long and Law Yim Hing
Lam Ka Ying, Connie Chan and Chan Ho Kau's MOSLEM SACRED FIRE DECREE was a classic Cantonese film
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Last year Lam Ka Sing's family celebrated his birthday
Disciple Chow Chun Kei departed from Brother Sing's home
Lam Ka Sing in a female role
Lam Ka Sing has always spoiled Joyce Koi
Lam Ka Sing and Chan Ho Kau performed many classic operas together
Lam Ka Sing and Chan Ho Kau (second left) formed the Chung Sun Sing troupe
Last month Lam Ka Sing dined at Alan Tam's restaurant
Lam Ka Sing received his honorary doctorate degree from the Performing Art Academy
In 2011 Brother Sing received the Silver Bauhinia Star
Despite being an opera star, Lam Ka Sing was simple and thrifty
Lam Ka Sing had a happy family before losing his wife and younger son
Lam Ka Sing became Sit Kok Sin's final disciple
In his childhood
Lam Ka Sing's unit was worth HK$ 13 million on the market
Pak Suet Sin (second left) with her god son, disciples Mui Suet Sze (third right) and Connie Chan (second right)

Mo Chun Fai
Susanna Kwan
Lam Ka Sing not only made Lam Kam Tong his disciple but also lent a hand for Nam Fung to become a diva
Law Kar Ying and Liza Wang
Liza Wang and Lam Ka Sing performed FAIRY COUPLE in 1983
Lam Ka Sing and Lee Bo Ying teamed up for a year before breaking up
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Cantonese opera star Lam Ka Shing after falling into a coma two nights ago at home passed away at the age of 82. His disciple Chow Chun Kei said that Lam Ka Shing passed away peacefully and without regret. His son Lam Yun Sun praised how great a role model his father was and would forever remember the happiness between father and son. He also said that the older his father was the more lovable he became.

Cantonese opera star Lam Ka Shing created over 40 excellent Cantonese operas. In 1993 he retired from the stage and immigrated to Canada with his wife Hung Dau Ji. Late in life he had Parkinson's disease. In 2009 after returning to Hong Kong he continued to teach his art and organize exhibits. Two nights ago Lam Ka Sing after dinner fainted around 9:52PM and was rushed to the Kwong Wah Hospital. Around 11:13PM he passed away. The master of a generation passed away at age 82.

Lam Ka Sing's disciple Chow Chun Kei, who has been keeping an eye on him in Hong Kong, revealed that two nights ago he received a call from his mentor's maid saying that his breathing and pulse were very weak. Chow Chun Kei immediately rushed to the Lam home. When he arrived so did the ambulance. Lam Ka Sing was taken to the hospital. Chow Chun Kei said that Lam Ka Sing on the way to the hospital gave him a look. Chow said, "The doctor and the hospital have done everything they could to save Brother Sing, unfortunately after some time, the doctor finally declared his death at 11:13PM." When Brother Sing passed, his sisters Lam Ka Yi, Lam Sin Nei, Chow Chun Kei and other friends and family in Hong Kong were by his side. Only his son Lam Yun Sun was in Canada. Chow Chun Kei emotionally said, "Brother Sing has already completed his lifelong wishes. He went peacefully and without regret!" He also praised his mentor for his focus, ideals and lifelong contribution to Cantonese Opera and immediately contacted Lam Yun Sun to return to Canada for his father's affairs.

Lam Yun Sun said that his father's health was less than stable. He was mentally prepared for his passing but could not help but miss him. "I miss Papa. Since he went peacefully I am at ease. In recent years his health has been less than stable, I really was a little worried. Ultimately the time has come, he didn't go quickly but I wasn't able to see him for the last time! Papa and Mama were serious about work, he was a great role model. Papa became more and more lovable in his old age like a child." In January Lam Yun Sun returned to Hong Kong for Lam Ka Sing's birthday. The family has been harmonious and he said that he was very lucky to be able to grow up in this happy family.

Lam Ka Sing's funeral will take place at the Universal Funeral Parlor. On the 19th services will begin with the funeral taking place the next day. Lam Yun Sun thanked the numerous fans and friends for their love for his father, but first he had to handle his father's affairs. Before his return to Hong Kong his aunts and Chow Chun Kei will be responsible for the preparation.

Lam Ka Sing contributed to Cantonese Opera for years with disciples galore, including Chow Chun Kei, Joyce Koi Ming Fai, Lam Kam Tong, Lo Won Shu. His only female disciple Koi Ming Fai was very sad over her mentor's passing. She said, "Master has been a huge influence on me. Because we have known each other for over 20 years, I would always remember his lessons. This elder's passing was an absolute loss to the Cantonese Opera, as his disciple I would do my best to repay Master. I hope in Heaven he would see that the younger generation like us have certain achievements. Master, I will always remember you, I love you forever."

Koi Ming Fai met Brother Sing in 1987 and was invited to play Zhao Zilong in the opera ZHOU YU. Later she trained with Master. They became official master and disciple in 1993. After several years of observation, the master's wife Hung Dau Ji suggested making her a god daughter officially. Koi Ming Fai said, "Although Brother Sing was less than mobile, he stayed in touch with his disciples. When we ran into any problem in Cantonese Opera, he would try to teach us. He truly was the 'Cantonese Opera Decoder'." In recent months, Lam Ka Sing still taught his disciple Lam Kam Tong's disciple Chan Pui Sun the technique of performing the opera XI SHI. Chan often visited the Lam home for advice and received Brother Sing's generous lesson.

At age 10 Lam Ka Sing became a disciple of Sit Kok Sin's former partner Chiu Lan Fong and became an elder to one of the four great divas Chan Ho Kau. In 1996 they formed the "Chung Sun Sing" troupe and performed many classic operas. They were close.

Chan Ho Kau was shocked and sadden to hear about the passing of her partner. Her sister said that they often saw each other and during the Lunar New Year they often sent Lam Ka Sing greeting. Early in the year they attended Lam Ka Sing's 82th birthday banquet. "At the time Brother Sing was in decent spirits. His passing was so sudden that it was hard to accept. I really miss him and my heart really aches. He was the master of a generation. I hope that he is happy and not suffering anymore!" She also praised Lam Ka Sing as a nice guy. In recent years he was passionate about helping the new generation. They have known each other for years and had many cherished memories.

Lam Ka Sing was wheel chair bound late in life due to Parkinson's. Passionate about Cantonese opera on the 29th last month he still showed his support for the younger generation as he went to the Ko Shan Theater to watch their rendition of his classic.

He also loved to meet with friends. On the 2nd last month he went to dine at Alan Tam Wing Lung's restaurant. Yesterday Alan on facebook posted his photo with Lam Ka Sing at the restaurant. "I just ran into Mr. Lam Ka Sing a month ago. I just learned that he passed away. The elder contributed a lot to Cantonese opera in his lifetime."

To remember Lam Ka Sing, TVB will air a special program from Wednesday to Friday and Lam Ka Sing's films for five nights. ATV will also air Lam Ka Sing's work for five nights in a row on two of its channels and his interview Sunday.

Contributing his life to Cantonese Opera, Lam Ka Sing who became a veteran long ago lived in a HK$ 10 million mansion on Waterloo Road and had properties in Hong Kong and Canada. Yet he still insisted on a simple life. He often took the bus and remained low key.

Originally named Lam Man Shun, he has made over 300 films and 40 Cantonese Operas. Among them MERCILESS SWORD, MERCIFUL HEARTS and ZHOU YU were the best known.

Having loved Cantonese Opera since childhood, Lam Ka Sing at age 10 already became Chiu Lan Fong's disciple and performed on the stage a year later. At age 16 he by chance became Sit Kok Sin's final disciple and colleagues with Pak Suet Sin and others. He even due to his uncle like appearance received the nickname "Old Master Lam" from his master's wife. Lam Ka Sing in 1962 became a leading actor, formed "Chung Sun Sing Opera Troupe" with his close friend Chan Ho Kau, performed many classic operas and remained the best troupe for a long time. After marriage Lam Ka Sing received assistance from his wife Hung Dau Chi. To keep his wife from exhaustion, he decided to officially "retire" in 1993 and immigrated the family to Canada. In September 2007 he made a comeback show at the Performing Art Academy and attracted many opera insiders, even Pak Suet Sin was in the audience.

Lam Ka Sing remained faithful to his wife Hung Dau Chi, rarely having any rumor in their over 40 years of marriage. Fellow Cantonese Opera performer Hung Dau Chi was Hung Sin Nui's disciple, but she rarely ran into Lam Ka Sing until they both studied the Northern Style with Yuen Siu Tin. Their relationship grew. Lam Ka Sing who already saw Hung Dau Chi as his lifelong companion announced his marriage to Hung Dau Chi at the peak of his career. Lam's father strongly objected and refused to sign as a witness for his son, leading to the wedding being delayed until the Lunar August 4th in 1962 at their new home! With less than favorable outlook Hung Dai Chi after marriage was very "lucky" for her husband, as Lam Ka Sing's career reached new heights. Even Lam's father who at first objected praised Hung Dai Chi for being a good daughter in law! After marriage they had two sons Yun Sun and Sun Tim. Their family life was perfect. His wife was in control of their finances so he was able to focus on his opera career.

Yet after Lam Ka Sing immigrated to Canada, the next year he was rumored to have dementia. In 1997 he was rumored to have intestinal cancer and had two operations to remove the necrosis. His disciple Koi Ming Fai insisted that her master only had rectal ulcer.

The next year he again had six inch of intestines removed in Canada. Although Lam Ka Sing defeated illness he suffered the loss of his younger son Yun Tim. In 2003 Yun Tim committed suicide in his Ho Man Tin home. In his final note he wrote that he "didn't know how to live on". The then 70 year old Lam Ka Sing returned to Hong Kong for his son's affairs.

In 1995 Hung Dau Chi was diagnosed with cancer. After several treatments she passed away in 2009 from lymphoma.

Cantonese opera stars Pak Suet Sin, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Mui Suet Sze and others last night attended the premiere of Fook Sing Cantonese Opera troupe 27th anniversary selections. Pak Suet Sin looked sadden. When asked it was due to the passing of Lam Ka Sing, she remained silent with her disciples Mui Suet Sze and Chan Bo Chu, and her god son by her side. Mui Suet Sze said, "I am very sad, my heart is aching." Chan Bo Chu said that the news was very surprising. "I am very sad, very low. I really respected Brother Sing and admired his skills. Brother Sing was my idol."

Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying regretted the loss of another Cantonese opera elder. Hong Kong Performing Art Academy opera academy president Mo Chun Fai revealed that he just talked to Brother Sing two weeks ago. He promised to help the Hong Kong Performing Art Academy's new opera academy as an artistic director and produce the student performance of his classic THE SOUNDS OF BATTLE. He said that Brother Sing at the time even said that he was not afraid of how tough it would be. He only wanted the students to be willing to learn and to perform. "At the time he was very spirited, and very energetic when he talked about Cantonese opera. Life is unexpected and needs to be cherished. He was a Hong Kong Cantonese Opera representative figure and made great contribution."

Nancy Sit Ka Yin who has worked with Lam Ka Sing on over ten films yesterday attended her film RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG) wrap banquet and said that she knew that he was in poor health. "The last time I saw him he was already not doing too well." She also admitted that he watched her grow up. "When I was 8 and made my second film it was with him. He had a great foundation and star power. I was truly under his spell and made him my idol." She also revealed that Lam Ka Sing in his youth studied the Northern style under Yuen Woo Ping's father Yuen Siu Tin. "I trained with him. I trained for over a hour, but Brother Sing was able to keep training. I was really amazed! He has contributed a lot to the Cantonese Opera, his life was truly without regret."

Nam Fung, the former wife of Lam Ka Sing's disciple Lam Kam Tong, said, "I really want to thank Brother Sing for his instructions and help for me to become a diva. He gave me a lot of opportunities. (Your impression of Brother Sing?) He was a very introverted person, but as soon as he spoke up he was very humorous. Last year when I saw him Brother Sing looked much more tired. Originally I was to meet him to watch a show together at the end of the month, but now that is impossible."

Artist Law Kar Ying was sadden over the passing of Lam Ka Sing. He said that he trained with him in his teenage years and sensed his seriousness and persistence for Cantonese Opera. He said, "In recent years he got Parkinson's Disease, but still appeared very strong and positive in the public. He even continued to teach students. This spirit was very admirable, his contribution to Cantonese Opera was tremendous." In addition, Wang Ming Chuen was busy with rehearsal but after learning about Brother Sing's passing she still kept calling the Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong (Bar Wo) to follow up.

The Association also released a press release on its official site. The Association's Ms. Yip said that due to how sudden the event has taken place, the Association was still in discussion about other arrangements.

For over 40 years in Cantonese Opera, Lam Ka Sing has worked with many famous Cantonese Opera stars. In 1983 he and non red trouser Liza Wang Ming Chuen teamed up to perform FAIRY COUPLE. Reportedly they had disputes over the collaboration. Wang Ming Chuen supposedly threw the script to express her displeasure and they disbanded under less than pleasant circumstances.

In addition, Lam Ka Sing reportedly was rumored to be at odds with famous performer Lee Bo Ying. They once teamed up for a little over a year before breaking up. Brother Sing supposedly had a dispute with Lee Bo Ying's mother.

Lam Ka Sing's fans eulogized Brother Sing on facebook and could not accept the fact that their idol passed away. Brother Sing's fans were very loyal. His fan club was formed in 1965 and endured for already 50 years. He treated his fans like family and would share the joy with them on any major holiday. According to a story, Brother Sing once was performing a holy opera in the country. While resting back stage a fan "snuck a kiss". He was so scared that he ran to the bathroom to wash his face.

Brother Sing originally planned to meet with fans in September for the Mid Autumn Festival and for the 50th anniversary of the fan club he planned a banquet to celebrate.

Wu Fung said that he has worked with Brother Sing on numerous films during the Cantonese film era. His impression of him was both filial and hard working. "His singing and performance were crisp and clean. Having been in Cantonese opera until now he deserved to be respected. His passing was indeed regrettable."

Kenneth Tsang Kong remembered in his youth Brother Sing was a big star. When he was in and out of the studio he had an assistant to carry his snack basket. He was also generous and shared it with him. He said, "We have never worked together, but I really respect his passion for the Cantonese Opera art. It was a good thing that he left comfortably."

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