Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Gordon Lam, J.Arie, Alex Lam
courtesy of on.cc

Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Alex Lam Tak Shun and J.Arie two nights ago appeared on the TVB program SZE YOU TONIGHT's taping and promoted their new film GET OUTTA HERE (SEI HOI DI LA). This was Ka Tung's second time as a producer. He dared to use a new director and new actors, which was an enormous challenge. He said, "The pressure of a producer is huge, from planning to music I have to follow up with everything."

As for J.Arie, Ka Tung said that once he saw her in a music video and realized that she was very suitable to play the female lead. The character had to use a little foul language. At first during rehearsal she did not dare to say it. He then used foul language in front of her to warm her up. Finally she was willing to say it, not to mention very fluently. What about J.Arie attracted me? Ka Tung said, "Her most attractive part to me is that she isn't all that attractive. Her role was the girl next door. She had that aura. Her costume also didn't need heavy make up." He said that the film will focus on the Hong Kong market. Because he was familiar with Hong Kong, he was more confident and he hoped to be able to bring up more new comers.

In her first film J.Arie not only had to use foul language but also played a Hong Kong woman. She admitted that in real life she was one too. "You can't say whether Hong Kong women are good or bad. They are only demanding and not pretentious." Speaking of someone impersonating her company Sun Entertainment's executive and swindled 40,000 from a member of the girl group HunterZ. J.Arie said, "Swindlers have all kinds of ideas, you have to be careful with anything that involved money and you shouldn't dream about stardom too much."

Alex in the film was paired with J.Arie, but he did not feel that she was a Hong Kong woman who seemed to be in a hurry at work. Instead, her pace was very slow. Was his girlfriend Linah Matsuoka a Hong Kong woman? He said, "No. (Is she a traditional Japanese girl?) Yes." Lately Matsuoka returned to Japan. Alex admitted that because of the film promotion he was unable to go with her.

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