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Hins Cheung runs into unpleasantness while shooting in the Mainland
Hin Jai joks that the kids frighten him
The kids hug Hins Cheung as soon as they see him
Hins Cheung gets his first film lead
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Hins Cheung King Hin two days ago led a group of child actors to Shenzhen to work on the Emperor Motion Picture WE'RE THE WORLD (CHAN LAN JEH YUT HAK). Hin Jai revealed that earlier while shooting in the Mainland, he ran into a "village thug". At the time team asked local farmers to rent their homes for the shoot. They agreed at the price of 18,000 RMB. Later someone at the last minute increased the price to 150,000 RMB.

Hin Jai said, "That night was pretty dangerous, we got the police and the government leaders to intervene. Finally we still had to give 100,000 (RMB)." Hin Jai continued that the homeowner's family even confiscated HK$3 million worth of production equipment and the police had to intervene. "He said it wasn't kidnapping, the people could leave but the equipment had to stay. What made me feel the least comfortable was he forced the producer to make documents and finger prints. What era is this?" ,br>
Hin Jai also said that even Mainland teams would run into such problems when shooting in the mountains of the Mainland. "I am more disappointed that the local government help them. The money that we gave was enough to bulldoze his home and start all over. The cost was very unreasonable, but the production progress couldn't be hindered."

Speaking of his first lead film role, Hin Jai said that everyday he worked for over 10 hours. He learned the choreography as he shot. He also said that this time had no set script. The director gave actors room to perform. "It's the first time in my career to have such a major role, I will grasp the opportunity because the company has such high hopes for me by giving me this film." With many child actors, Hin Jai joked, "My voice is hoarse from yelling, they are very quick on their feet when they talk back. (Don't you want children?) They actually scare me! Every night I have nightmares."

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