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Joseph Chang and Shawn Yue work on their new film without any regard for their own safety
Joseph Chang has to work on a killing scene on his first day in Hong Kong, leaving him shaken
Shawn Yue, Louis Koo
Louis Koo
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Joseph Chang, Shawn Yue

Ringo Lam Lan Tung returned to directing with WILD CITY (MAI SING) and even worked with Louis Koo Tin Lok, Shawn Yue Man Lok and Joseph Chang (Cheung Hau Chuen). Earlier Lok Jai and Hau Chuen talked about their production experience. When speaking of their real blade fight scene in the film, they were still shaken.

Hau Chuen worked with Director Lam for the first time and even made a switch from his usual roles with a mobster character. On the first day at work he had to shoot a fight scene. He said that before places when the director wanted him to use a real blade, he thought that the director wanted him to feel the weight. When he found out about using the real blade in the shoot, his hands started shaking as he was afraid that he would injure someone on the first day of work and be taken to the police station. Did he feel that the director was very crazy? Hau Chuen admitted a little. He also realized that killing someone was not easy. It was very stressful and he was afraid of injuring his co-stars.

As for Lok Jai who was the target, during the prop rehearsal everyone was very relaxed. After switching to real blades, the entire set became silence. Early in the shoot he really was very scared. Later he already became numb. Lok Jai also pointed out that in one scene blood was spraying out of a stunt person. Actress Tong Liya thought that he was really injured and was shaking in her boots as she grabbed the barricade and could not move. He could only carried her off the shot with Goo Jai.

Lok Jai pointed out that the diving scene had certain dangers. Because the sea water was not clear, he could not see anything at all. He did not know how far he dove in one breath and did not hear the director yelling cut.

Hau Chuen also had his first scene of being shot in the film and had to wear reactionary bullets. During the shoot, after a few shots he lay on the ground. However actually the bullets on his back still have not been blown yet, and he ended up being blown up off the ground. Finally he needed three takes before he finished the shot.

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