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Wilfred Lau jokes that he is mugging Annie Liu
Due to the height difference, Annie Liu has to stand on a block of wood
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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) worked together on the film GUIA IN LOVE (DUNG TAP HA DIK LUEN YUN), which will open soon. Si Hing also sang the film theme song GOODBYE MY LOVE. Yesterday he worked on the music video for the song in Chai Wan and invited Sum Yau to be his lead actress. The director asked them to embrace. Si Hing at first appeared awkward, later he held Sum Yau's shoulders from behind. Yet due to height he looked like he was mugging her. Sum Yau then went barefoot and stepped on a block of wood.

Si Hing said that after so many music videos this one was the most intimate one. Although it was only a "head lock", it was already intimate than in the film. He also said that the director was in charge. he said, "The only thing I didn't obey was the location because the director originally hoped to shoot at a cemetery. However it happened to be the Lunar July Ghost Festival, it was really too scary so it was cancelled." Sum Yau also admitted that she was afraid. Si Hing comforted her and said, "Relax, I already turned it down for you. Because it was really too scary, on days like those I really don't want to trouble others."

Speaking of Si Hing's girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi, her goal was to lose ten pounds for her concerts. Has he been running with her? He said, "We work out on our own. (Wouldn't your heart ache over her losing ten pounds?) No. (Would you support her?) Yes." He only gave brief responses to questions about his girlfriend. Did he not want to talk about her? He said that he only wanted to focus on talking about this music video.

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