Thursday, August 27, 2015


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Artist Samuel Leung Cheuk Moon in recent years has been performing in the Mainland and even became a Mainland entertainment company boss. This time he returned to Hong Kong to invest six figure into a car detailing company. He invited friends Cherry Chan Chiu Chiu, Grace Lam Nga Sze, Winnie Leung Man Yi, and Cady Lam Chin Yim.

Leung Man Yi revealed that recently she has been busy with the Leung Cheuk Moon directed and starred film GONG FU JI WONG (KING OF KUNG FU). "Ah Moon said that in the film Chan Chiu Chiu and Lam Nga Sze had a lot of scenes. Of course I am happy about working with friends. Everyone please remember to go see it. This time Ah Moon is the boss again, of course we have to support him."

Creative singer Lam Chin Yim revealed that she was busy with her new single. She said that she attended with another motive. "Ah Moon said that he would make my car pretty and even throw in crystal coating. I am already very happy just hearing about it."

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