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Chow Yun Fat personally performs a stunt on wires 12 meters above ground in an explosion scene.  He jokes that his footing is as firm as when he is on the ground.
Easy going Chow Yun Fat puts his arms on Nick Cheung's shoulder and pals around with him.
Chow Yun Fat prepares to go 12 meters in the air
Not only Chow Yun Fat but also Ng Chi Hung appear in the prison scene
Wong Jing builds a prison set at Shaw
Fat Soh praises King Kong on how funny he is
Chow Yun Fat and Nick Cheung do not skim on their acting
Grace Wong really likes this Interpol look
Elder Chow Yun Fat chats with Edward Chui, Derek Tsang, Elena Kong and Grace Wong
All you can eat and drink at Fat's Store
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International superstar Chow Yun Fat last year in the Wong Jing directed film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II) made a classic pose with the "God of Gamblers" Ko Chun costume, which became one of the film's bright spots. Unexpectedly, in the new film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3 surprises continue as it brings back to the silver screen after 28 years the 1987 classic film PRISON ON FIRE (GAM YUK FUNG WON)'s Chung Tin Ching. Over the years, many films liked to bring back shots from PRISON. This time with Chow Yun Fat personally performs this classic scene, people are truly looking forward to it!

However, Chow Yun Fat has more than just one surprise up his sleeve. Already turned 60, he even personally performed the stunt -- in a large scale explosion scene on the wire 12 meters above ground. This scene was shot earlier at the Shaw Studio. Chow Yun Fat led actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Ng Chi Hung, Hanjin Tan (Chan Woon Yun), Terence Siufay and others to a large prison set. Bringing back his PRISON ON FIRE look, Chow Yun Fat needed to be "blown" to 12 meters in the air. Before the shoot a double tested the mark, then Chow Yun Fat personally performed. 12 meters in the air, he even had to keep pretending to be scared and struggle. He kicked so hard in the air that he lost a shoe. During the shoot, the team stared at Chow Yun Fat in the air and was so nervous that everyone held their breath. Fat Soh in particular was very anxious. However Chow Yun Fat could not be calmer. He even did two straight takes before returning to the ground unfazed. He said, "Just like I am on the ground! I am not afraid, I am like that in the air and in the ground. It's very safe, with 90 some people keeping an eye out."

Speaking of the new film bringing back the classic PRISON ON FIRE (GAM YUK FUNG WON) scene, Chow Yun Fat said, "I haven't been back to this prison in a long time. Under the leadership of Wong Jing anything can be thought up. We are just meat on the chopping board. The entire movie is for laughs and has few serious scenes. If it's serious it's not Wong Jing. This time I even have to play dumb a little like Ko Chun. (Has it been rough?) It's very easy, a few laughs and there goes a day. The state of mind to entertainment myself and others is very good. This time has many more actors and even my idol Cheung Hok Yau, I am very happy! He plays my romantic rival, it is very entertaining and worth looking forward to."

Chow Yun Fat has always been easy going. On the day of the shoot he was all over the set and even introduced actor Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung as "foul mouth Best Actor", Grace Wong Kwan Hing as "song queen", and Edward Chui Woei Dong as "Big Hero", which made them very excited! In addition, Chow Yun Fat and his wife even very thoughtfully built a "Fat's Store" in a corner of the set. When the team got hungry no matter when they would have food to fill their stomachs. Chow Yun Fat joked, "Yes, the store is quite an investment! Although it looked thrown together, you can still get two mouths full. It's very popular! It's for the welfare of everyone, I hope they like it. In the future I will develop this outside show business, open several Fat's stores and become Food God! (You seem to look younger again!) Yes! I've been fixed! All I have to do is go to the mountain to find a sage for advice then I am thin!"

With the chemistry from working with Chow Yun Fat in MACAU 2, Nick Cheung Ka Fai of course was even more apt with his performance this time. Chow Yun Fat also affected Ka Fai, on the set he was humorous. During the shoot, Ka Fai joked that his "prisoner" look with a newspaper hat was very valuable. "It's gold label art director made!" Being able to work with Chow Yun Fat and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau this time, he said that it was very rare. "I am very honored! (How do you steal the show?) No, it's a Lunar New Year film, as long as it's cheery and happy overall it's fine!"

As for Chow Yun Fat on the wire 12 meters above ground for an explosion scene, Ka Fai was in awe. "Our film is a big production, it's very flexible. As soon as it is thought of we do. He gets blown to sky high and is able to do it immediately! (Do you?) As soon as I start work I have many scenes with (Chris) Lee Yuchun against the robot, with guns, transformations, flying back and forth, a lot of stuff." Speaking of "Fat's Store", Ka Fai joked that he was a frequent customer. "This is our gathering place. Everyone have a lot of fun, as soon as we are hungry we all gather here!"

Elena Kong Mei Yi, Grace Wong Kwan Hing, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Edward Chui Woei Dong in MACAU 3 played Interpol officers. Kong Mei Yi in 1996 got into the business after working with Chow Yun Fat on a shampoo commercial. This was their second collaboration. After almost 20 years Mei Yi said, "Time really passed very fast, we both are pretty well kept. Fat Gor is even younger than before! (Anything interesting during the shoot?) He is always making people laugh! (Did you get a picture?) I got it earlier!"

Wong Kwan Hing said that her Interpol look was cool. She was very happy about having the chance to work on MACAU 3. Chow Yun Fat was rather nice, which made Kwan Hing a little dizzy. She said, "Fat Gor on the first day already shared health secrets. Actually he really likes chocolate. Once he even gave me God of Gamblers' chocolate, I really have to save it for the collection! I was a little dizzy when I first saw him. He even said that he watched television and praised me for my singing. He called me song queen. I was stunned!"

Chow Yun Fat and his wife set up a "Fat's store" for the team to provide free food and drink. Although it was a temporary structure, they put a lot of thought into it. Not only did it have a sign, its "content" was rather rich with Hong Kong style classic snacks Shu Mai, fish balls, fried noodle and rice, tea and coffee. On hot days, it even had special herbal tea. On the day of the press visit, it even had health drink "red bean water"!

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