Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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The bombings in Bangkok left chills in many. Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin arrived there two days ago for the pre production preparation of his upcoming based on a true story film OPERATION MEKONG RIVER. "As soon as I arrived I got the news. At the time I was meeting actors. Actually we will have scenes that will use guns and explosives. They will be shipped from Hong Kong to Thailand. Now we are in the application stages. I am afraid that we will be affected." He also said that MEKONG will shoot on location in Thailand and Malaysia. He planned to take several months to shoot on location in Thailand alone, with a lot of action and explosive scenes. The investment will be rather large. Now he felt helpless. Reportedly one of the leads Zhang Hanyu earlier had to fly there for shooting training. Luckily the plans changed and he was "spared". Director Lam said, "Everything will have to be planned anew. (Would he stop and return to Hong Kong first?) The base is all here, that would be impossible."

Thai Chinese Pang Brothers were in Hong Kong. Oxide Pang Shun said that after the bombing he immediately called friends, family and colleagues there. When he learned that they were all fine he felt the burden lifted off him. "They guess that it is probably political." As for the Pegasus Motion Picture BOUNTY HUNTERS with Korean star Lee Min-Ho, the film originally planned to shoot on location in Thailand in November. The spokesman said that they will cautiously observe the situation before deciding on any change.

Karena Ng Chin Yu yesterday attended an apple cider promotional event. Chin Wa said that she will have to promote her new film WONG KA YAN and later she will go to Korea for a new film BOUNTY HUNTERS. The film will also soon in other locations in Asia, including Thailand. However she did not know whether any change has been made due to the bombings.

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