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The deranged Eric Kwok likes to fart on his wife Grace Ip's face, which Jennifer Tse feels is very sweet
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Eric Kwok Wai Leung promoted for his film KNOCK KNOCK WHO'S THERE (YAU HAT DOH). Viewers of the film all praised him for his performance, as some of his scenes were very explosive. Eric said that in the film he was very twisted, as he violated a corpse on a butcher counter top. Was he afraid that such a daring role would affect his image? He instead thought it was a lot of fun as the chance was rare. He even joked that he asked his wife Grace Ip Pui Man to help him practice at home and told her to play a corpse. Did his wife tell him to turn down this deranged scene? He said, "She instead looks forward to it very much, She says that I can definitely play it because I am pretty deranged and I would be playing myself." What was the most deranged thing he did at home? He said, "I fart on my wife's wife. We have been together for 15 years already, we have to find something to play with." Eric admitted that he had even more deranged stuff but he was not at liberty to talk about it. Her co-star Jennifer Tse Ting Ting did not feel that Eric was deranged when she heard. She instead felt it was very sweet.

Eric said that this scene was very hard to take. Although the butcher counter top was already clean, it still smelled. He said, "For this deranged scene, we shot a butcher counter top that still had the pork stench on it for that excitement. Yet that actress suffered as she lay on the counter top for almost 2 hours. When I got home I showered like crazy." Eric revealed that in another scene he strangled and slapped Ting Ting. He accidentally hit her nose and Ting Ting had nosebleed, which he felt very guilty about; he also dragged Ting Ting around an abandoned water treatment plant. Ting Ting was bruised all over, but Ting Ting actually said that it did not hurt.

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