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Malaysian producer Jack Lee plans to add new comers Wan Wan (left), JC Chee (second right) and Emily Kong (right) into his YOUNG AND DANGEROUS reboot
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After adapting the dark comic book WHEN GEEK MEETS SERIAL KILLER, Malaysian producer Jack Lee (Lee Kin Hing) plans to make a film adaptation of the comic book TEDDY BOY (GOO WAT JAI) for a middle of the year release next year. Jack Lee reveals that if the script is satisfactory and passes inspection, the production will start production at the end of the year. He even invites the comic book creator Ngau Lo to be one of the directors.

The previous generation of YOUNG AND DANGEROUS Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Chin Kar Lok and others has been famous for 20 years since the film release in 1996. That film even became a classic Hong Kong film. Jack Lee said that they were not remaking the old films but a continuation of the story. The new TEDDY BOY is based on the comic book. The background will be 2015 and will have new actors in hopes of giving the audience a new feeling. It will not be only nostalgic. His Jet Poh Production's new comers JC Chee and Emily Kong Ching Ling will join the cast.

With many viewers' connection to YOUNG AND DANGEROUS, the film production also received a lot of investment support. Jack Lee revealed that this will be a China, Hong Kong and Malaysia co-production. The Mainland investor will include Beijing Times Film Company. The company chairman Guo Xiaoxian earlier confirmed their investment in the continuation of the classic.

Jack Lee said, "I am not only happy but also a little troubled, because too many friends want to invest. Now the investment has exceeded quota. No matter what the key is to make the script good before the next step of casting and other tasks."

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