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RETURN OF THE CUCKOO has been scheduled for a November 11 Singles Day release
Joe Chen
Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh are confident about the film's box office
Jacquelin Chong
Gigi Ho
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Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Joe Chen Chiao-En and Gigi Ho Ngor Chi two nights ago attended their film RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG)'s wrap banquet. Reportedly because Ah Sheh turned down TVB series EMPRESS LU her contract was extended until next year. She denied that and stressed that originally it would have ended at the end of February. She also denied that she made the jump to Media Asia, but she hoped to have more attempts in film in the future.

Ah Sheh revealed that her contract will end in February and joked that she had to start thinking about her future. The media jokingly asked if she would marry. She said, "I want to. Actually I hope to make more attempts in film." Tommy Leung Ka Shu was rumored to join Media Asia and thought about asking her to join as well. Ah Sheh admitted that she has had initial negotiation with TVB and other companies, but Media Asia was not one of them; she also said that Leung Ka Shu was a very good friend, but he did not ask her. Will she consider renewing her TVB contract? She said, "I am considering some happy companies with new directions in the future. Shaw is OK, I heard that it has a lot of film projects. (Has Shaw approached you?) Yes. (Are you interested?) I am interested in all of them."

Chi Lam said that the RETURN OF THE CUCKOO film touched him, so he was rather confident in the box office. Speaking of his cousin Anna  Ueyama's daughter Hilary joining show business soon, he praised her for getting prettier and prettier. However she had to finish her education first. He also said that this month she will go to study in the U.S. Did he feel Hilary have potential? Chi Lam stated that she was very pretty, but he did not know about her acting.

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