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Chrissie Chau, Ronald Cheng and Cherry Ngan make a fresh team
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Chrissie Chau
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The film CONCERTO OF THE BULLY (DAI LOK SI. WAI OI PUI LOK) yesterday held its production start ceremony in Shatin. Actors included Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Jacky Cai Jie. Cherry in the film played a song writer. Yesterday she demonstrated her piano playing skills. Originally she did not know how to play the piano, for the character she took 25 lessons to catch up.

In the film Cherry was kidnapped. Cheng Chung Kei was the kidnapper's friend. They had an ambiguous relationship. Did Cheng Chung Kei feel that they would make a good match? He joked that for a kidnapper and a victim they were considered OK.

The 43 year old Ronald this time was paired with the 21 year old cherry. Did he feel that his co-stars were getting younger and younger? He said, "No, the original story is like this! The kidnapper has to have some experience! Actually my friend is the one who kidnaps her and puts her in my home. Later Cherry keeps ordering me around, I am her pawn. (Do you have any generation gap with her?) No! How can I?" Does Cherry like guys like Ronald in real life? She thought for a little and said, "He is very humorous." Ronald joked, "I told you she has a way with words. Genius!"

School began on September 1st. Cheng Chung Kei said that his daughter has been promoted to K2. He has been checking his daughter's homework and joked that the K1 homework was actually for the parents to do. Today he would take his daughter to school. He also said that sometimes when he would pick up his daughter from school he would wait for a long time and still not see her. His daughter was only concerned with playing with her classmates and usually was the last one to leave.

Chau Sau Na played a cop who was responsible for catching Ronald. Earlier she injured her leg during the shoot. She was recovering and could not wear heels. "Luckily the action scenes were almost done. In this scene I only listened to music, but even standing for a long time would hurt. (Are you afraid of any lingering effect?) The doctor said that it would, so either I have surgery or exercise more to strengthen the muscles. I don't want to have surgery." She looked like she was thinner. She explained that because the stress from work was enormous and her exercise rate was too excessive. Lately she also had stomach problems.

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