Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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Yesterday a Malaysian media outlet reported that Aimee Chan Yan Mei will return to work on Chapman To Man Chak's new film HOI FAN LA! (DINNER!). Reportedly To Mak Chak lately has been planning a Lunar New Year film in Malaysia. Last year he made KING OF MAHJONG, which was a big hit in Singapore and Malaysia. Ah Jat invested around HK$ 10 million to prepare for HOI FAN LA! Recently the lead actress has been confirmed to be Chan Yan Mei.

The film will revolve around a restaurant. Chan Yan Mei will be the owner's daughter who takes over the restaurant. She will be at odds with head chef Ah Jat. An avid cook in real life, Ah Jat this time will put his abilities on display on camera. As the story develops, he and Chan Yan Mei will have romantic scenes. This will be Chan Yan Mei's comeback after giving birth. Ah Jat even revealed that Aimee has been working out for this film. Everyday she is only having salad and exercising for two hours.

When asked if they will have any kiss scene, Ah Jat joked, "My wife (Kristal Tin Yui Nei) and (Moses) Chan Ho had kiss scenes on GHOST OF RELATIVITY, why could they kiss on the big station and I couldn't in Malaysia?" The film will start production next month. Ah Jat will direct for the first time.

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