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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik in the new film KNOCK KNOCK WHO'S THERE (YAU HAT DOH) played former lovers separated by death. Playing a headless ghost, Sum Yau in one scene had to carry her own head. She admitted that when she saw the trailer she was scared and had to watch it in fast forward mode.

Sum Yau worked at a funeral parlor for the first time and even had to be in a coffin. She also got to see the "hell break" ceremony. She said, "Although I was afraid, I also learned to respect it." Because the shoot had many workers, Sum Yau was not afraid. However she had to have horror make up, once in the bathroom she scared herself in the mirror. Playing the funeral parlor usher, BabyJohn praised Sum Yau for her professionalism. He said, "In the film I couldn't see Sum Yau, until the final moment I was finally able to touch her. She had to constantly watch me from behind me. Sometimes she even had to be on wires to look down on me from above. I saw how tough it was on her, but I couldn't help her." BabyJohn this time also tried to work in the morgue. He felt lucky that at the time he did know the truth.

Speaking of watching horror films, BabyJohn said that he was scared but he wanted to watch. Sum Yau was the same way so she needed to find someone to keep her company; the media asked if she had a boyfriend? She said, "I have many friends to watch it with me."

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