Sunday, August 9, 2015


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Stephy Tang, Ng Yip Kwan
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Stephy Tang Lai Yan yesterday attended the Running Kids event. Stephy looked dazed and pale because she just finished working on her film GEI LIM YUT (ANNIVERSARY) all night. She only slept for a hour before rushing over, thus she felt like she was sleep walking. She also revealed that lately she has already worked for three nights in a row for the film. Two days ago an argument scene was very rough on her. She said, "The lack of sleep has made me completely exhausted, faint, and my blood pressure high. I ask everyone try not to argue. It's bad for both your voice and body. (Do you and your boyfriend Alex Fong Lik Sun rarely argue?) I prefer cooling down, but at most for a day. Sometimes I would even forget that we were in a cold war."

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