Thursday, August 20, 2015


Rachel Lee and Stephy Tang look more like sisters and mother and daughter in their new film
Stephy Tang says that when they go out she puts her boyfriend in charge
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Jade Kwan jokes that she is older sister Kwan, so she leaves the top spot for Ava Yu and Joyce Cheng to fight over
The youngest in her family, Stephy Tang says at home she is in charge
Shaopin Tsui and his mother Gigi Wong
Endy Chow
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The 31 year old Stephy Tang Lai Yun recently worked with the 49 year old Rachel Lee Lai Chun on their film ANNIVERSARY (GEI LIM YUT). Yesterday she posted a photo with her and joked, "Playing my Mama, Sister Chun actually looks like my younger sister, haha, in this one she is very cute!"

Tang Lai Yun yesterday afternoon attended a Radio Hong Kong event and revealed that she was tired from just finishing an all night shoot for the film. In the film her character was a control freak and she had many fights with Alex Fong Lik Sun in the film, which affected her actual mood. Thus after work she went out with him less in order to avoid any friction in their personal relationship. She said that in real life she did not like to control her boyfriend. She said, "We are very independent, free, when we go out I usually put him in charge. Yet at my own home I am the head of the household."

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