Monday, August 31, 2015


Both Ram Chiang and Ivana Wong start as singers.  Both drop everything to get into their characters
Ram Chiang goes Superman on a chair
Ram Chiang says Ivana Wong has precise comedic timing, fast response and full of comedy genes
Ivana Wong has many funny costumes
Ivana Wong transforms into a pseudo model and goes undercover with the girl group Yogurt
Pakho Chau decides to repay Ivana Wong with himself
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Ivana Wong and Pakho Chau need several takes for their kiss scenes
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Pakho Chau in the new film LOVE DETECTIVE (MOOT NUI SUN TAM) played an effeminate rich kid who sets off spark with Ivana Wong Yuen Chi's undercover pseudo model. Pakho Chau said that he put a lot of thought into this character. During his performance he added many cute gestures like shoulder shrugs and orchid hands. When he spoke he would deliberately raise his pitch. Ivana said that Pakho Chau was very nervous before the kiss scene. They ended up with several bad takes before a good one.

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