Thursday, August 13, 2015


Playing an effeminate character, Pakho Chau climbs on May Chan
Pakho Chau plays cute
Pakho Chau looks funny already
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In his new film LOVE DETECTIVE (MOOT NUI SUN TAM), Pakho Chau continued his breakthrough. For the story he kept playing cute for fans. On the day of the shoot Pakho lay in bed in a simple tee shirt and made many cute expressions. Actually in the film he played a more effeminate man who spoke softly but had a preference for large women. In one scene he and former girlfriend May Chan (Tiny) made out on a sofa. Pakho wrapped his legs around her as they embraced.

When asked about the collaboration, Pakho said, "It's a lot of fun! She is a very wild actress. Our performance is very wild, naturally and a lot of fun. " As for playing "effeminate", Pakho stated that it was very fresh and very different from his past performance. It was also rather challenging. Was it hard to play? He said, "Actually it isn't easy at all, sometimes even I am used to it. At meals I would unknowingly use an effeminate voice to chat with the team. Even I feel it is very funny!"

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