Thursday, August 20, 2015


Guest star Patrick Tam suffers a sprain
Patrick Tam's left leg was already injured during the AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT shoot
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Patrick Tam Yiu Man earlier guest starred in a film, during a fight scene he had a jump. Ah Tam said that because there was too much sweat on the ground it became slippery, so he slipped and sprained his left ankle. At the time Ah Tam was worried about slowing down the film progress and insisted on finishing his remaining scenes. He did not see a bone setter until two nights ago when he returned to Hong Kong.

Ah Tam yesterday said, "Earlier I injured my right leg while working on AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT. This time the left leg injury was considered fortunate, yesterday it was so swollen that I had to see a bone setter. After X-Ray the doctor said there was no fracture, only the ligament was injured. The doctor wanted me to rest for a month. The team told me to too, but I think I will just rest for a few days. I still have two more days and I am done with the shoot. Later I still have jobs, now I am walking with crutches! (Will you rest later?) No! I have to prepare for the costume for the next film, which will have some car chases. This time I will be more careful at work!"

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