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Ivana Wong goes undercover as a pseudo model and three Dokuo give her a transformation
Joyce Cheng and Shiga Lin abandon their image to throw themselves completely into comedy
The well dressed Pakho Chau has a thing for big girls
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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi starred in her first lead role in the film LOVE DETECTIVE (MOOT NUI SUN TAM) as the highly intellectual cop who goes undercover as a pseudo model. The "Dokuo Trio" members Bob Lam Sing Bun, Joe Cheng King Kei and Justin Cheung Kin Sing even give her a transformation. In the film the three "Dokuo" stood out with their appearance and personalities. The unshaven and sloppy Bob stood out the most. He even came up with his own brutal dialogue and gestures like rolling his eyes, drooling and grabbing his privates to increase his comedic effect. In the funniest scene, when Bob judged a pseudo model contest he secretly "did something" with Shiga Lin Si Nga's cardboard cut out.

The crew called Bob "extremely creepy". Bob said that he had no intention of vilifying Dokuo, he only thought that the more exaggerated the performance was the funnier it would be. As for "mushroom head" Cheung Kin Sing he became the secret photography maniac. He not only took photos up Ivana's shirt but also did not spare "cardboard Shiga". Ivana said, "The hardest part was holding back my laughter! Seeing the three Great Dokuo's appearance I already lost it. At first every actor had frequent bad takes as we could not stop laughing!"

Playing the rich kid boss of a modeling agency, Pakho Chau was effeminate and picky straight guy with an eye for big girls. He even fell for Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and Tiny (Chen Jiajia). Yun Yi who guest starred as a wannabe singer did not mind appearing with make up and greasy hair and face.

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