Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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Karena Ng Chin Yu yesterday accepted a Roadshow interview and promoted her new film BOUNTY HUNTERS (SEUNG GUM LIP YUN). She said that she did not know whether her Korean co-star Lee Min-Ho would come to Hong Kong, but said that when she went to see the dentist a nurse asked that her for premiere tickets. Did Chin Yu love Korean stars? She said that she was already numb from watching too many pretty guys and girls. She did not even watch the earlier hit series THE DESCENDANTS.

Chin Yu said that because of the language barrier, she did not ask Lee Min-Ho whether he would come to Hong Kong. Instead she was still in contact with other actors. Was she a fan of Korean hunks? She said, "I am not, I only glanced at THE DESCENDANTS. After seeing so many pretty guys and girls I am already numb. However after being with Lee Min-Ho, he was much more open and talkative than I imagined. He is a very nice young man." Was her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung the most handsome in her eyes? Chin Yu said, "Answer either yes or no would be bad, this question is a trap. Actually after being together for so long, looks are no longer important. Character is the most important." Chin Yu said that her boyfriend was very patient, even she who was a little ill tempered was affected. Chin Yu also said that she often attended friends' gatherings with her boyfriend. Did she have to keep an eye on him? She said, "It's already too public, even passerbys would keep an eye on him." Did Lam Fung's friends already called her sister in law? Chin Yu said, "It's not that exaggerated, they call me BB. It feels younger."

Earlier Chin Yu and Lam Fung went skydiving in Australia. She said that her boyfriend after being hung in his concert has become addicted. Despite his fear of heights he challenged himself to new heights as he jumped from 15,000 feet. Speaking of IP MAN 4's poster appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, Chin Yu said that she has not heard the company's plan, perhaps everything was still in its initial conception stages. The company still had other films to make.

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