Thursday, May 5, 2016


Kiko O, Milla Ching and Hingis Huang
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Kiko O Ka Ki, Milla Ching Chi Yu and Hingis Huang (Wong Chin Yu) yesterday worked on the film YUN BUT JU DIK NGAN LUI (TEARS THAT CANNOT BE HELD BACK). The trio said that in the film they played gym receptionists. In heavy make up, Ching Chi Yu pointed out that her character was innocent so she did not have any sexy and intimate scene.

Pseudo model Rika Lau Yin Nei participated in ViuTV's G-1 FIGHT CLUB and took a pounding on her face from Winkie Lai Mei Yin. Earlier she announced that she would retire from show business and immediately she was rumored to have hooked up with a Mainland rich kid. Speaking of Rika finding a millionaire boyfriend, Ching Chi Yu said that years ago she had dinner with him and still had facebook contact. O Ka Ki chimed in, "Success isn't about having a million or not, one buck boyfriend is also a success. The most important is loving you. (Do you feel that she rose to fame with one fight?) I get bruised easily, so I am more careful and never think about participating. In addition I have tried to be in the ring on a program and spent a month to recover. Now I watch myself even more." Ching Chi Yu also said that she had no interest in participating.

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