Wednesday, May 18, 2016


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Tina Tang, Cissy Liu, William Chan, Jessica Jung and director Snow Zou 
Jessica Jung calls William Chan friendly and their collaboration pleasant
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William Chan Wai Ting, former Girls Generation member Jessica Jung and Tina Tang starred Emperor film I LOVE THAT CRAZY LITTLE THING yesterday held a press conference. William and Jessica shared the stage for the first time to promote and shared their production experience about working on location in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Hawaii with director Snow Zou. The actors even made the Hawaiian trademark "Aloha" gesture to greet fans.

William had his first comedy challenge. He revealed that in the film he played a little guy who was chasing his dream and love in the city. "I believe everyone may not recognize me in the film." The film was also Jessica's first film. She admitted that she was very nervous about her performance. Luckily she got help from the director and William. She said that working with him was rather comfortable. Tina Tang played a fat girl in the film.

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