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Emme Wong brings their baby to visit Chan Kwok Kwan on the set
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The Wong Jing produced, artist Lam Tsz Chung directed new film NAM SUN FUN LIN YING (MALE GOD TRAINING CAMP) earlier shot a wedding scene in Sheung Shui. Two major TVB sexy goddesses Sammi Cheung Sau Man and Samantha Ko Hoi Ning along with "Jing Girl" Michelle Hu Yan put on bridesmaid dresses, but they were still no match for Mainland artist Tian Leixi. The "bride" was Chen Jiajia. The groom's party Alex Fong Lik Sun, King Kong, Chan Kwok Kwan and Mainland artist Zheng Kai looked sharp in their suits.

Despite all the cleavage, two "broken hearted" men Siu Fong and King Kong seemed to have run into a wedding scene before their wounds healed. They were in less than pleasant mood and lacked smiles. They had little exchange with the bride's party. During group photos they even deliberately stood to the sides to avoid "career line offensive". Siu Fong had a funny scene in which a woman slapped him. Yet before the cameras rolled Siu Fong was already sitting on the floor, frowning as he tried to memorize his lines. He quickly got teary eyed and looked like a loser, seemingly with romantic wounds he had an easy time of getting into character. Did it hurt to work on a wedding scene? Siu Fong only lightly replied with "I am not talking about that." King Kong joked, "I am only sad for Cheung Tat Ming! He has to marry Tiny!" He also joked that he wanted more scenes with Hu Yan because it was "very dull" to play a pair with Cheung Sau Man. He joked that with Hu Yan they would have even more spark.

Tall Ling revealed that in real life she has been a bridesmaid many times and caught the bouquet twice. She worried that if she caught it one more time she would not ever get married. Speaking of her dream wedding, Tall Ling said that simple was OK, but she had to have a boyfriend first. Cheung Sau Man revealed, "I asked her if someone proposes would she wed, she said yes!" Tall Ling said, "It would depend on whether he is suitable or not! Wedding needs impulse!"

Artist Chan Kwok Kwan appeared with a funny afro look. His wife Emme Wong Yee Man even brought their son to visit. The director and Chan Kwok Kwan's buddy Lam Tsz Chung immediately came to hug the baby, but as soon as the baby got into Lam Tsz Chung's arms he cried. Lam Tsz Chung could only helplessly "return" the baby. Wong Yee Man rapidly got back into shape two months after giving birth. Chan Kwok Kwan said, "She used to be too thin! After two months of rest, I fed her so much that she looks like a Nuomici!" He revealed that his wife has already returned to work but only three days a week. Would he turn his son kung fu? He said, "Some exercises like sit up so he would be more active!"

Chen Jiajia and Cheung Tat Ming worked on their wedding scene. Already "married" with Bob Lam Sing Bun, she revealed that in the film she and Tat Ming kissed twice. "Today I have to carry Tat Ming, I can carry even Bob how can I not be able to pick him up!" Speaking of the sexy w weding gown, Tiny awkwardly asked Wong Jing, "That's right, why would it be like this? Each time is sexier than the last!" Cheung Tat Ming stated that his previous kiss scene was already ten years ago. Was Tiny a good kisser? He said, "Bouncy! I was passive as she kissed me!"

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