Thursday, May 12, 2016


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Artists Venus Wong Man Yik and Edward Ma Chi Wai yesterday started production at Central on their new film TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE (CHOR LUEN YUT GEI: JIN NAM MUK YIU). Would they have intimate scenes in the film? Playing the jerk, Ma Chi Wai said, "Just a peck!" Wong Man Yik said that her boyfriend Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung has read the script but did not ask about it. Has she seen her boyfriend's passion scenes? She said that her boyfriend revealed that he bared his rear for a film, but she has never seen the performance. She also said that at first when she saw her boyfriend in other passion scenes, she did not know him yet. "So it was all covered up. I knew everyone were professional actors. Instead he has not seen me in any intimate scene." She also revealed that this intimate scene will be more passionate than the past. Ma Chi Wai's expression changed perhaps out of fear that Tsang Kwok Cheung would be jealous. He pretended to be scared, "I'm scared, man!"

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