Tuesday, May 24, 2016


courtesy of mingpao.com

Gloria Wong Yung earlier attended the film GLORIOUS DAYS (GUONG FAI SHUI YUET ji SO DUK) press conference. Wong Yung this time headed north to be the film's lead actress and played a cold but sexy female bodyguard. Working with many elders in this film she felt a lot of pressure. Thus before the shot she locked herself at home for a week to study the thick script. She even often asked her father to be the male lead and run the lines with her. Gloria thanked veteran actors Lee Kwok Lun, Mary Han Ma Lei, Lok Ying Kwan, Auyeung Tak Ching and others for being very willing to teach her how to act from table read on. They got along very harmoniously.

Aside from doing her homework with the script, she even went to get in shape and train for this film. She has been at the gyum four to five days a week. She even said that after the shoot she would still continue to study martial arts. In real life she would like to be able to fight for real and become an action actress. She even joked that she would learn something to knock out bad men with.

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