Thursday, May 12, 2016


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Best Actor Tony Leung Ka Fai two nights ago attended the 5th Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival and received the Salento Cinema Actor Award for his outstanding artistic achievement and film industry contributions. Ka Fai received the award from the Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong Antonello De Riu, Deanie Ip Tak Ha and Andy Lau Tak Wa have also won the award before.

Ka Fai said that he felt very happy to receive the award, which proved that Hong Kong was an excellent platform for displaying films. On the stage he jokingly raised his finger to promote the July 8 release COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2). How will Ka Fai celebrate? He said that he will not because the next day all of Hong Kong will celebrate for him. He felt honored and happy to receive the award and will place it in the display case at home. When will he work on a foreign film again? He said that the opportunity had to rise as he was not in charge. Would he like to win Best Actor again with COLD WAR 2? He said, "Being nominated would already be great, because this time the co-stars are so strong with Chow Yun Fat and (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing. Everyone is a Best Actor, it will be up to luck."

He also said that every year during the Hong Kong International Film Festival he would take time to watch movies, because at the film festival he would be able to see different nations' films. Once he saw over 20 films at one film festival. Would his wife go with him? Ka Fai said that his wife preferred to binge watch television series. "When my wife binge watches I would be asleep. (Would you make a series for your wife?) My film offers have been nonstop, where would I have the time to make a series?"

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