Tuesday, May 3, 2016


courtesy of mingpao.com

The film YUN BUT JU DIK NGAN LUI (TEARS THAT CANNOT BE HELD BACK) yesterday started production with new actors. Roy Chow Wing Hung and his current girlfriend Cherie Wong Chin Wing. Chow Wing Hung said that he and the film's executive producer Hayden Leung Yik Nam were forming an entertaining company, thus he was not avoiding on screen performance due to his bad image. He still would make movies when he had the chance, but now he is focusing on the company's behind the scene production.

K-Chek would also participate in the film and play a villain. Former girlfriend Shiga Lin Si Nga admitted that she broke up for the 20th time. K-Chek said that they were both busy so they had little contact, he knew that her breakup brought up the past and she had negative press. He hoped that they would all just pass and he would wish her well and pray for her broken heart to be healed soon. As for 20 former boyfriends, K-Chek remained protective. "I don't feel that she had the experience of having so many boyfriends, some were just rumors!" Whenever she had any romantic problems, their intimate photo would be posted. K-Chek helplessly said, "It's a little awkward, I hope everyone would forget quickly!" As for criticism of Shiga as "HK Woman" and "Fake ABC", K-Chek said that she like other girls who went to international schools would mix in English with her Chinese. She was like that normally.

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