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Roy Chow appears at an event with girlfriend Cherie Wong and dispels break up rumors
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Roy Chow Wing Hung supposedly broke up with his girlfriend Cherie Wong Chin Wing, but Roy yesterday attended with his girlfriend Cherie the film NAM SUN JUI TUNG (WHAT HURTS MALE GOD THE MOST) press conference and the Searching Goddess reality show launch. They denied the break up rumor.

Roy yesterday as the film company general manager with his girlfriend and the film company managing director Hayden Leung Yik Lam spoke to the media. Speaking of the lead actress choice, Leung Yik Lam said that later she will be chosen from an international search and denied that Gloria Wong Yung and Aki Chan Yi Man were already set to be the leads. Roy said about his recent break up rumors, "My Mommy said that many people added her using her (girlfriend)'s photo and name. Four or five Cherie appeared in the last week or two. (Then you had four or five girlfriends?) I wouldn't mind, I can't control the tabloids. I would try to focus on work again."

Did he leak his girlfriend's argument photos? Roy denied that. "We didn't have that conversation, it definitely wasn't us." Then he put his arm around his girlfriend and said, "Although she at the time didn't listen, I am so much older than her that sometimes I am like her mentor. However we haven't gotten to that point. I really don't want to respond too much, letting other people use me to promote."

Speaking of drug use in the conversation, Roy said, "The reporter called. I told him to dig up the stuff from 2004. Who doesn't know about my mistakes with drugs when I was little? All of Hong Kong know, it's always been the same stuff. Either I am arguing with my girlfriend or I am on drugs. I think it's time to talk about movies and dreams. (You haven't touched drugs again?) With my eight pack abdominal muscles, why would I touch that stuff? I don't need to, I have a lot to do. I am very busy." He also said that his relationship with his girlfriend has not changed. He could not stop how others see him.

Was Cherie upset about the break up news? She said, "No, it w wasn't true. Why would I be upset?) Roy said that his girlfriend was very strong and very suitable for show business. Sometimes when he faced the media pressure, his girlfriend would instead comfort him. Would his company give his girlfriend the full push? Roy joked that he personally was pushing her too.

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