Sunday, May 29, 2016

[2016.05.30] WU JING CANNOT SING

Wu Jing performs ONLY YOU in the new film
Lowell Lo attentively teaches Wu Jing singing techniques
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Action star Wu Jing in the new film CHINESE ODYSSEY 3 took over Law Kar Ying's role as the Venerable Tang Monk. Wu Jing was more than capable of handling the special effect scenes, but was stumped when he performed ONLY YOU in the recording studio!

In order to continue Law Kar Ying's classic, the team invited the film theme song's composer Lowell Lo Koon Ting to the studio to help the Venerable Tang Monk Wu Jing. With his fluent Cantonese Wu Jing before the recording was full of confidence and said that he had a knack for singing. Yet as soon as he opened his mouth the entire studio was shocked. He was so off key that he cracked up everyone. Lo Koon Ting said, "I didn't know that he was someone who couldn't sing at all!" Even when Wu Jing heard his own singing he could not help but bury his head in his head and laugh.

However Lo Koon Ting praised Wu Jing for injecting a lot of emotion into his singing and achieved a different flavor from Law Kar Ying's. The film aside from Wu Jing will also have Han Geng in Stephen Chow Sing Chi's role, while Tiffany Tang Yan will be in Athena Chu Yan's role.

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