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BOUNTY HUNTERS is the first Chinese film that Korean star Lee Min-Ho participated in and also the first film in which he worked with Chinese actors. Playing a bounty hunter in the film, Lee Min-Ho was known across the city. The film had car chases, gang fights, 8 foot jump, Lee Min-Ho stated that his life risking performance was the best gift to thank his Hong Kong and Mainland fans for their love and support.

Bounty hunters get paid to take care of other people's problems! Lee Min-Ho sold his skills and Wallace Chung Han Leung sold his schemes. Under the leader Tiffany Tang Yan they had many thrilling action scenes in order to find out the mastermind behind a hotel explosion plot. In the stills, Lee Min-Ho not only had a baton to fight but also kicked to fend off the enemies; he was also back to back with Tang Yan in preparation for the impending fight. Lee Min-Ho said, "In the film I played a bodyguard, by chance I became a bounty hunter so I had to be prepared before hand for the fights. The action director was very demanding, the jumps and the landings both needed to be strong, powerful yet professional. They also had to be cool!"

Fellow bounty hunter Karena Ng Chin Yu in the film played a computer hacker who could not leave her computer. Louis Fan Siu Wong in a departure from his usual rough kung fu image played a hunter butler who was strong yet attentive. Jeremy Xu (Tsui Ching Hei)'s look was very different, with odd and cool orange hair as he battled brains and brawn with the five bounty hunters.

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