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Venus Wong only makes her  first contact with dance for a television series
Edward Ma and Venus Wong perform a romance school dance scene
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Venus Wong Man Yik two nights ago worked on a graduation dance scene at a Ching Yi secondary school auditorium for her new film CHOR LUEN YUT GEI: JIN NAM MUK YAU. She danced with Edward Ma Chi Wai. Ma Chi Wai revealed that during rehearsal he stepped on his dance partner's foot many times. Venus said, "Maybe because he is muscular, normally he doesn't move his hips. After the rehearsal he said it hurt all night. Actually I don't dance well either. I only started to come in contact with for the TVB series NEVER DANCE ALONE. When I saw Ma Chi Wai it was like watching myself learn to dance back then." Would a guy who can dance get more points with her? She excitedly said, "Of course! (Is your boyfriend a good dancer?) He was a dancer in high school, I know that he had a dance past but I haven't seen him dance. (Would you ask him to help you rehearse?) I am working everyday, Ma Chi Wai and I communicate more."

Venus also said that at school she was not popular. "I absolutely wasn't! However in high school I really looked forward to the prom, because it was the first time I dressed up and wore heels. However maybe Hong Kong is too conservative, back then no guy asked me to dance." Ma Chi Wai said that he gave Venus his first time. "I really never danced, during rehearsal I stepped on both the choreographer and Venus' feet, but Venus danced very well! (Did you feel nervous about having to close for the dance scene?) The collaboration has been pretty good. (In the film do you need to show off your muscles?) At the first day of work I ran in a pair of boxers on the court. That day wasn't too hot. It wasn't awkward, except I was a little fat!"

Venus yesterday posted photos with Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Kandy Wong from their set visit. She posted, "They could've just bring good food to the set, but they even kept us company until the shoot ended. It was from night to the next day." She even added "bestboyfriendever" at the end.

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