Thursday, May 26, 2016


Kiwi Yuen shares a scene with Sam Gor
Aden keeps on calling Kiwi Yuen pretty
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Former ATV artist Kiwi Yuen Kit Yi not only signed with TVB but earlier even stepped foot into the film industry as she starred in the film SI SIU JEH Z (MISS CORPSE Z). She stated that the film production was memorable. As a night club PR she and several "daughters" got along well. She even had a kiss scenes with the writer, director and star Sam Gor. "I never thought that at almost half a century, I could make such a cute movie. The most memorable of course was the kiss with Sam Gor. Actually over the years I haven't really made any kiss scene. This time I truly lived! The young actors were all very energetic, a 16 year old Hong Kong Australian Aden always called me pretty."

Kit Yi also thanked Sam Gor for inviting her to be the female lead. He invited a group of ATV behind the scene old friends to participate, which made her feel extra familiar.

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