Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Ann Hui has no long term plan
Leila Tong was lost in her adolescence
courtesy of mingpao.com

Director Cheung King Wai's film TASTE OF YOUTH two nights ago held an advanced screening. Ann Hui On Wa, Ma Fung Kwok and Leila Tong Ning showed their support. Hui On Wa revealed that recently she has been making a movie about the Fall of Hong Kong, a drama based on Hong Kong history. The production will soon wrap. In its cast were Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Wallace Huo Chien-hwa. Speaking of many new directors have been making reality based subjects in recent years, Hui On Wa said that she was away for the film production and not in Hong Kong, and she has not kept up with the current situation. Would she like to work ore with the new generation of filmmakers? She said, "I would want to because many of my generation have retired!" Hui On Wa earlier called to congratulate her former star Tang Wei on her pregnancy and her new film with Wu Xiubo being a hit. Did she ask Tang Wei to make room for another collaboration? She said, "I will worry about it when I get to make it, I don't know if I can live that long. I will worry about it when I am done with the one on my hand, I have never thought too far ahead."

Tong Ning came to see how TASTE examined young people. Because she has a five year old son, sh would like to understand more. Mainly she felt that at such a young age children already had moods and stress. Even she was lost and rebellious in her adolescence. Now she and her son are learning and facing it together. Tong Ning said that her son might not talk back, but would often ask her interesting questions. Earlier she tried to braid his hair and he said with a lot of resistance that he was a boy, only girls would wear braids and dresses. He already knew to tell the difference. However she instead taught her son that actually not everyone was set in stone. She hoped that he would slowly understand.

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