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Gigi Leung Wing Kei's producer debut, the Lai Chun-Yu directed, Law Chung Him, Huang Cancan, Jerry Yan Yuhao starred romance SUMMER'S DESIRE earlier held a 12 city promotional tour that included universities in Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. The team spent a month all over the nation for intimate interaction with university students. Him Jai who played the tyrannical chair Ou Chen was exploding with popularity as many fans asked for hugs. Him Jai first replied that he was married before hugging them.

Him Jai earlier in THE MONKEY KING 2 got bigger for his role of the Sand Monk. Yet for this Ou Chen character he immediately lost 30 pounds to look young and cool.

On this road trip, Him Jai's Mainland fan club followed and cheered him on. All the students fell under Him Jai's spell and immediately joined his fan club. As the trip went on, Him Jai's popularity climbed. Not only female fans said that his boyfriend index has exploded, even male fans told him, "Him Jai you are really handsome!" Fans all asked for hugs. Him Jai mischievously replied that he was already married, but he still gave hugs to fans.

Because the intimate scenes in the original novel was preserved in the film, when asked if his wife Tavia Yeung Yi knew Him Jai said that he did not need to prepare his wife for intimate scenes. "We both are actors, and believe in each other's choices. In addition we wouldn't choose movies that would make the other feel bad."

The host asked Him Jai which female lead in the film was prettier? Him Jai smartly answered, "Of course Yeung Yi is even prettier, I like Yeung Yi even more." The crowd cheered.

In addition, Him Jai on the stage played games with fans and said the line from the film, "Falling for you wasn't in my plan." The atmosphere instantly reached its peak, as fans immediately screamed, "Yeung Yi". Actually at every events some fans would ask him to sign autographs on his and Yeung Yi's wedding photos. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry, but he appreciated their love for them very much.

After the Beijing Film Festival press conference, Gigi again joined the tour at the Guangzhou stop. As soon as she appeared countless screams arose. As a first time producer, she said that the pressure was not too great. Because she had a strong team behind her, they shared a lot of the load. "In comparison to being an actor, the producer doesn't have to be in make up on the set. This probably is the biggest difference." Her primary job was meetings before the shoot with the team and providing her own opinions in areas like art and visuals. After the production began she would also go to the set to cheer everyone on. "I was a very busy producer, at the same time I had a lot of other jobs. Thank you team for being able to accommodate my schedule." Gigi admitted that being a producer was much tougher than being an actor. Every part of the film was under her management. Yet at the same time she learned a lot. She even joked, "Everyone was tired but maintained great mood. The set atmosphere was also very pleasant, perhaps because they had a producer beauty like me."

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