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Producer Ng Kin Hung
Gaile Lok and Raymond Wong in the 2000 film I DO
Gaile Lok and Sammy in the 2004 film MY SWEETIE
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Model Gaile Lok after 12 years away from film decided to return to the film industry. She will work on an action comedy with Stephy Tang Lai Yun and Chrissie Chau Sau Na. Playing a member of the Special Duties Unit Gaile not only had to fight but also be funny. The three ladies will even fight over a guy!

Gaile early in her career performed in films I DO (LUEN SING SAI DOI) and MY SWEETIE (TIM SI SI). After 12 years away from the big screen she returned with the Ng Kin Hung produced, Fire Lee (For For) directed new film HUSBAND KILLER (NUI SI FOOK SAU) with Tang Lai Yun and Chau Sau Na. In the film al three had their own individual personalities. Gaile played a female SDU member, Sister Sau a thief and Stephy a killer. The three women even shared a guy. One of the important scene would be them fighting over guys. "Real deal" Stephy, "third party" Sister Na and "fourth party" Gaile fought. Chau Sau Na early in her career was known as "Counterfeit Gaile Lok". Now Sister Na has risen to meet and fight the "authentic" Gaile.

Reportedly, HUSBAND as a domestic production would not have high cost and salaries. The film has planned to be participate in overseas film festivals, and its special script successfully drew Gaile in. Due to the action scenes, the three ladies will have to accept action training.

Producer Ng Kin Hung said that as soon as he read the script he felt that the character was very suitable for Gaile. They clicked right away. "Gaile is very supportive of local productions. Although the salary won't be a lot, she really likes the subject. (Why did you ask her to play a female SDU member?) When I cast she has to be right for the script, I feel like she is it with just one look. Last time when (Prudence) Liew Mei Kwan worked on TRUE WOMEN FOR SALE I thought she was right too. The result was great."

Chau Sau Na said that she has always hoped ot make some crazy scenes. "I want to make some scenes that I can fight like mad in, so I can hit people like crazy. This time I hope I would get my wish! In order to fight like I am crazy, lately I have been training nonstop. I want to get into shape to accept this challenge."

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