Wednesday, May 11, 2016


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Qi Qi tags along as her husband Simon Yam supports a friend in Shenzhen
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Film star Simon Yam Tat Wa and wife Qi Qi, pseudo model Xanadu and Leung Ka Yan yesterday attended the film O GWING FUNG WON (MACAU EPIC FAIL STORM)'s production start event. Yam Tat Wa said that this time he came to support a friend and revealed that at the end of the year he will direct a film. Will his wife guest star? Qi Qi said, "I am better as his fan! I like to watch movies and be the professional film critic at home. Our daughter like to watch too, she really likes to watch manly actors. (Will your daughter choose a very manly boyfriend?) That's good too, manly guys are responsible. I believe she will find a man who is as manly as her father."

Xanadu revealed that she will participate in the film but she did not know what her character will be. "I want to play a nurse, because since I was little I thought this professional had quite a sense of duty. (Will you release another photobook in the summer?) No, last year I said it was the last one. (Do you have a suitor now?) I did before, not now. He was quite a bother, always calling to find out where I was." Leung Ka Yan revealed that his son Bobby Leung Ho Chi will direct the new film and they will work together.

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