Tuesday, May 31, 2016


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Andy Lau Tak Wa is working on his new film SHOCK WAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA), which cost over 180 million yuan RMB. Also producer and investor, Wa Jai from casting, location scouting, screenplay and costume took care of everything. Earlier when they shot a parking lot explosion scene, for realism he used two giant cranes and a 12 hour road block!

Wa Jai last year invested in the Taiwan film OUR TIMES, which was a big hit with HK$ 600 million global box office. This year Wa Jai again invested in the new film SHOCK WAVE, which he also starred and produced. Its director was Herman Yau Lai To. Reportedly this time the production cost reached 180 million RMB RMB. From screenplay, casting to even location scouting, Wa Jai participated in. Wa Jai supposedly even personally selected lead actress Song Jia. They worked together on THE BODYGUARD (NGOR DIK DUT GUNG YEH YEH). This time Wa Jai will turn into a bomb defusing expert and will battle wits with the villain played by Mainland actor Jiang Wu.

SHOCK WAVE had many explosion, fight and gun fight scenes. Wa Jai revealed that they will shoot a Cross Harbor Tunnel explosion scene. Due to the traffic of the actual location, shooting on location was difficult. For realism they built a 1 to 1 scale tunnel for this explosion scene. Due to the intense production process, the production has never arranged for any media visit and kept everything confidential.

Earlier the film for a parking lot explosion shoot blocked off streets in Yuen Long for 12 hours, used two cranes and sealed off the entire parking lot. To keep the story and actor costumes from being unveiled, two blue tents were erected for make up rooms. Director Yau Lai To was already on the set at 6PM, for this explosion scene the team even arranged for buses, police vehicles and cars. Over 50 people were among the crew and police uniformed actors. Many pedestrians stopped to look on and needed the crew to maintain order.

During the shoot, reporters could only shoot from afar. Two loud explosions took place and raging fire ensued. Felix Wong Yat Wa appeared in a suit a glasses for the shoot in the blue tent. Lead and producer Wa Jai then appeared and chatted with director Yau Lai To. Later he even posed for photos with Ken Lo Wai Kwong and other actors. This scene went very smoothly and all the scenes were shot within the 12 hour road block!

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