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Gigi Leung has more mother fans after becoming a mother
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The film SUMMER'S DESIRE will open soon. First time producer Gigi Leung Wing Kei appeared in Guangzhou University city with Law Chung Him, Lai Chun-Yu, Lawrence Wong Koon Yat and had close distance interaction with student fans. Leung Wing Kei who just recovered from her leg injury said that for her first time as a producer she in order not to confuse her identity was willing to skip performing in the film. Yet she was still very interested in on screen performance and would sing for everyone as she did in the past.

As for her future career plan, Leung Wing Kei stated that since she started people kept asking her whether she would focus more on acting or singing. "I think they give me different sense of satisfaction, like the film's female lead having difficulty with choosing either male lead." When asked if she would focus on music and behind the scene production, Leung Wing Kei said that in July her film and single will be released at the same time. At the end of the year she will have a concert. She still was very much in love with on screen performance.

Reporters asked Him Jai if he would move the center of his career to the Mainland for more opportunities to work on hot intellectual property film and television series. Him Jai admitted that he planned to develop in the Mainland as good work needed good opportunities. Speaking of working in the Mainland for the long run, was he afraid of spending less time with his wife Tavia Yeung Yi? He sweetly said, "Even if I don't let her, she would come anyway."

Were they willing to participate in the still red hot romance reality shows in the Mainland? He said that he had no problem, but he did not know what his wife would think. Would his wife be jealous about his intimate scenes with other girls? Him Jai replied, "You underestimate my wife, she wouldn't be jealous. However if she works on intimate scenes with others, I feel maybe I would mind."

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