Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Stephy Tang and Pakho Chau tell dirty "bird" jokes
Louis Cheung feels that television watching should be station neutral
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Louis Cheung should spend some time with his wife
Pakho Chau looks more happy than angry with ANGRY BIRD
Stephy Tang is hurt and sore from her fight scenes
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun two nights ago attended the premiere of an animated film that she provided her voice to. Currently busy with another new film, she said that she will play a pregnant killer and have many fight scenes. "Two days ago my back was bruised from fighting, my arms and legs were injured and sore. During the shoot the door blew out, the glass scratched my arm."

Stephy said that providing her voice to the animation has been an emotional roller coaster. "The first part was more gentle like myself, the second part was explosively angry. I was able to have some stress relief!" Did she provide her voice after her break up with Alex Fong Lik Sun? She awkwardly answered it was recent. Fong Lik Sun's friends recently introduced girls to him. Did Stephy have any friends who did the same? She said, "No, they wouldn't pay any attention to me. They haven't been deliberate. (Because you have a lot of suitors?) No, I haven't thought about that. After this film I will work on another, now work comes first."

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