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Radio and Television Hong Kong 31's morning information program THIS MORNING this morning aired a "Talk Style Breakfast" segment. Host Cuson Law Kai Sun invited Wong Jing and cooked a bowl of won ton noodles for breakfast. They ate and talked about his view on Hong Kong films.

The Hong Kong Film Award Best Film went to TEN YEARS this year and led to controversy. Media Asia boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok compared it to won ton noodle and said that TEN YEARS' award was like a won ton noodle shop becoming the best restaurant in Hong Kong, not everyone would be convinced. Wong Jing felt that the comparison was not appropriate. "The Hong Kong Film Award is just a game, you can just laugh at the reward and move on. No one needs to mind too much."

Speaking of domestic films, he compared it to the Meal A, B, and C breakfast in front of him. He said that in the past Hong Kong film mixed together A, B and C meals together, each was wonderful on its own. Now domestic films was left with only a slice of bread, monotonous and bland. Filmmakers had a very hard time to "work". He described the film industry as very cruel. "When no one approaches you or your film can't make money you have to retreat. Yet if your work is good, even when you are 70 plenty of people would still approach you or even force you to make movies. You don't make the call."

Wong Jing has always been daring with his words. Earlier his comment of "Young people have to be able to afford a home to be called successful" received a lot of online criticism. When asked about the Lunar New Year boycott of his new film, he frowned and said, "Don't talk about that, I don't want to say any more. I don't want to encourage them so they would become cockier and cockier. What else can they say? They haven't succeeded in anything. I don't want anyone to start trouble and affect everyone's lives again." He stressed that he had no political ideology, and he did not know any government official.

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