Tuesday, May 31, 2016


courtesy of on.cc

Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and Alex Fong Lik Sun starred in the comedy KIDNAP DING DING DON, which will open soon. This time will be Siu Fong and Ivana's first collaboration. On and off scene they set off a lot of spark. In the film Siu Fong and Ivana also had a dance number, but because Siu Fong was not much of a dancer, Ivana laughed first then taught. Finally she "hinted" to Siu Fong to lead his dance steps with his strong chest.

In addition, Siu Fong also had another scene in which Ivana kicked "Little Siu Fong". Ivana said, "This scene had to be shot by position, we had to be very careful. I didn't dare to injure him because it's very important. I would rather have bad takes and kick from very far, then inching closer and closer to avoid any accident."

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