Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Locker Lam and Patrick Tam play father and son.  Despite being working together for the first time they have chemistry
courtesy of on.cc

Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Locker Lam Ka Hei, Ying Chi Yuet (Little Cat), Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Sherming Yiu Lok Yi and other starred in the film FIGHT FOR TOMORROW (PING MING SAM LONG), which wrapped up production earlier. In the film Ah Tam played "Ah Long" and his father and son relationship with Locker was the main plot. Locker pointed out that working with Ah Tam for the first time, Ah Tam before the shoot took him to dinner to get to know each other. They also exchanged text messages about film. By the time the production came around they already had a father and son bond. He said, "He is a 'dad' who is like a friend." Ah Tam also praised his "son" for being hard working.

Making his film debut, Little Cat might oppose Ah Tam in the film but he said, "He would share his experience like Papa, very intimate and gentle." Ah Tam joked, "Little Cat from being panicky in the start to gaining more and more self confidence, I felt like I was watching him grow up. Even I got younger!"

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