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While attending a fashion event in France, Fala Chen already hinted that she would work on a new film

Fala Chen has returned to Hong Kong to prepare for her new film

Rebecca Zhu and Nick Cheung share the same birthday
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With the Hollywood blockbuster SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF TEN RINGS) Fala Chen has already become a hot property in Hollywood, but her heart was still connected to the Hong Kong film industry. Fala Chen has hoped to run into a good screenplay that would bring her back to Hong Kong film. Her previous film was in 2013 when she worked with Gordon Lam Ka Tung on TALES OF THE DARK 2 (KEI WAN YEH). Reportedly Fala would officially return to join the Nick Cheung Ka Fai written, directed and starred 4th film THE SHADOW OF REDEPMTION (SHOOK MUNG) with Terrance Lau Chun Him and Rebecca Zhu Chenli.

The film has applied for the Hong Kong Film Development Council's Film Production Financing Scheme and was approved for HK$ 9 million, the highest amount the scheme has approved. The film originally was scheduled to start production in May, but due to the pandemic and Ka Fai being busy with another film BURSTING POINT (BAU LIT DIM) the production start was postponed until recently.

This time as Ka Fai would strike again, of course he would have no room for any mishap. From the screenplay to casting he has been very strict. Aside from seeing the potential in Terrance Lau Chun Him, who played Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing in the film ANITA, he also has always admired Fala's acting skills. Seeing that she has become internationally renowned and after years in Hollywood her acting has made a great leap, he saved the lead actress role for her. In addition since both are under Claudie Chung Chun's banner, they would be able to work together. Reportedly the SHOOK MUNG screenplay would be highly confidential, Ka Fai would be in control throughout. To be able to bring Fala back to Hong Kong, the screenplay must be very attractive. In addition being able to work with the Best Actor, she agreed without asking about the salary and supported one of her own with action!

TVB actress Zhu Chenli and Lau Chun Him would play a nurse and a doctor in a romance. Actually Chu Chu and Ka Fai years ago have worked together on the film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II). At the time he was already her idol and she has always wanted to work with him again. She never thought that 7 years later her wish would come true. They have quite a connection as they both shared the same birthday. No wonder earlier on Chu Chu's birthday she posted a photo with Ka Fai on social media. When asked to confirm yesterday, she played coy and said, "We would work on a movie soon, but I am not at liberty to reveal too much detail. When the time comes I would share more with everyone!"

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