Friday, December 2, 2022


New York's Times Square and Taipei's Taipei Arena both have outdoor advertising for the film

WARRIORS OF FUTURE is released online on Netflix yesterday
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The Louis Koo Tin Lok produced and starred WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) since its August 25th release has passed HK$ 81 million at the box office. Since its release viewers everywhere have been eagerly waiting for it. WARRIORS OF FUTURE would officially go online on the streaming platform Netflix on December 2nd. it even at various city landmarks around the world, including New York's Times Square, London's Storm Cromination, Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing, Taipei's Taipei Arena and others displayed its giant outdoor advertisement and brought the world's attention to this film that set Hong Kong box office record history and opened a new chapter to science fiction in Asia. The film's producer Koo Tin Lok said, "Seeing WARRIORS OF FUTURE's outdoors advertising at various landmarks around the world felt very wonderful and very happy, I hope viewers everywhere would enjoy this film and would look forward to the science fiction universe that would be beyond everyone's imagination from our One Cool Film!"

For the film's Netflix release, OneCoolCollective that earlier released the WARRIORS OF FUTURE NFT series would also collaborate with the new generation luxury NFT platform WEAR for a future science fiction themed virtual space to display the armor and equipment that have appeared in the WARRIORS OF FUTURE series NFT from December 2nd to 24th; another spotlight of the exhibit would be the soon to be released WARRIORS OF FUTURE virtual sneakers NFT. The exhibit would also have a big screen screening of the film trailer and the discord invitation link. OneCoolCollective's "chief commander" Koo Tin Lok would often appear online to exchange ideas of film and science fiction future with everyone!

In addition, WARRIORS OF FUTURE on December 9th would hold The Finale and The Future film event and outdoor screening experience at The Grounds at Central. Key creators including Koo Tin Lok, director Ng Yuen Fai, Sean Lau Ching Fai, Philip Keung Ho Man and others would attend to share their experience of battling shoulder to shoulder on the journey of WARRIORS OF FUTURE with everyone.

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