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Kay Tse looks much younger in a wilder look

Teddy Robin Kwan gets many musicians to be in the film that he has prepared for years
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Kay Tse says that her daughter Cheung Ching was worried about her mother's hands turning rough and kept asking when the shoot would be over

The actors jammed to show their band spirit

Teddy Robin Kwan and Kay Tse play father and daughter who begin their lives under the same roof
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Kay Tse On Kay, Teddy Robin Kwan, Hanjin Tan (Chan Woon Yan), Manson Cheung Chun Hiu, Rondi Chan Lok Ting, Anna hisbbuR, Lung Siu Kwan and others yesterday started production on their new film 4 PAK 4 GA JOOK (4/4 CLAN). Kay recently has been working on several movies. In this new film she appeared in a blonde rock look. In order to reflect how musicians toil to make a living, Kay recently did not apply skin care on her hands and led to her daughter's complaint. "I didn't put hand cream on my hands, the polish on my nails are all chipped. My daughter complained and was very upset. She wasn't used to seeing my nails like these. She really wanted to paint my nails again, always asking me when the shoot would be over. She also thought that my hands were very rough."

Kay was asked after finishing the film would she have to properly take care of her skin? She said, "They are always scaring me, saying that if they kept deteriorating they would become housewife hands. However I am very proud, this pair are the hands of a musician who overcame hardship."

She revealed that Teddy Robin prepared for this film for 8 years. First in its planning he already contacted her. The story would be about family, music and how several generations of people got along. In the film she would have to play the piano and jam. She felt that a film with music as its theme was truly rare.

The hardship of the musicians in new film, Kay revealed, was also her own. Actually many musicians had to work for a living, working many jobs at once and also had to take care of their families. She pointed out that when she got into the business she has experienced the small company stage, thus she felt being a musician was indeed not easy.

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