Friday, December 2, 2022


Brigitte Lin and William Chang 
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The second K11 Musea's high class fashion exhibit invited Hong Kong master class art director William Chang Suk Ping to be the exhibit's design director. In a way that is full of the film experience, and his classic poetic story narration method he would write the "script" for the exhibit. With the Nobel Prize poet laureate Derek Walcott's poem LOVE AFTER LOVE as the concept blueprint, he would write scene after scene about fashion, craftsmanship, culture and creativity. He even invited his friends of 42 years Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) to preview this generation crossing legendary fashion collection exhibit.

Chang Suk Ping and Lam Ching Ha knew while working on LOVE MASSACRE (OI SAK) in California, U.S.A. in 1980, many classic costumes of Lam Ching Ha's Hong Kong films like DREAM LOVERS (MUNG CHUNG YUN), THE SWORDSMAN 2 (SIU NGO KONG WU II DONG FONG BUK BAI), ASHES OF TIME (DONG CHE SAI DUK) and CHUNG KING EXPRESS (CHUNG HING SUM LUM) came from Chang Suk Ping's hands. He also won the won the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Golden Horse Awards Costume Design honors. With the chemistry accumulated from work, Lam Ching Ha absolutely trusted in Chang Suk Ping's designs. Even her home decorations and the 3 books that she has published were designed by Chang Suk Ping.

Lam Ching ha once praised Chang Suk Ping for being very prestigious in his own professional arena. For this exhibit from stage background, lighting, background music, promotional poster and film to story narration, Chang Suk Ping would show his persistence in romantic styling and aesthetics in this project. Thus Lam Ching Ha paid a preview visit to show her support.

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