Wednesday, December 28, 2022


As a father, Joel Chan jokes that money is more important than an award

Rosita Kwok has jumped in popularity with GET ON A FLAT with a lot of exposure

Rosita Kwok, Elena Kong, Angel Chiang, Moon Lau and Erica Chan compete for the "Most Popular Television Female Character"

Moon Lau thanks the company for raising her
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Joel Chan jokes that he would come up with a thank you speech every year, and hopes to have the chance to use it this year
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Joel Chan says that he has gone to the temple with friends, but denies finding a master to help with his Best Actor award luck

Moon Lau has four nominations and jokes that she has not forgotten to campaign at Christmas parties

In two short years, Rosita Kwok has become one of the favorites for "Leaping Improvement Female Artist" with GET ON A FLAT
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Joel Chan Shan Chung, Moon Lau Pui Yuet, Rosita Kwok Pak Yin, Angel Chiang Ka Man, Elena Kong Mei Yee and others yesterday campaigned for votes for the Top 10 "Most Popular Television Male and Female Characters" of the TVB Awards.

Reportedly the film KUI MOR LUNG JOOK MA SIU LING due to going over budget has postponed its production. The actors had scheduling issues. Kwok Pak Yin said that she has already completed her role and had full confidence in the producer and the director Chan Sap Sam. She was not worried that the film would have no way to see the light of day.

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