Friday, April 15, 2022


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Donnie Yen puts a knife to his own neck in a crying scene

Donnie Yen has to keep an eye on both his own acting and the action while shooting in the snow
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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan produced and starred, Law Chi Leung written and directed new film COME BACK HOME (SAU GAU) earlier released its "son saving" version teaser. This time would be Yen Chi Tan's first challenge of the search and rescue subject. In the film he played a father who lost his son. Along with the Chinese search and rescue team he bravely went to an extreme cold restricted area to save his son, thoroughly performing a father's hopeless, guilt and never say die courage.

The film had many highly dangerous scenes. Yen Chi Tan insisted on personally performing them. He was injured several times and even with the team he broke through his body's physical limits in order to bring the audience a touching and shocking film. Yen Chi Tan said, "I would describe the entire production process as timid and on thin ice, I lamented how small and frigid mankind is in the face of nature. The team entered the severely cold Northeast snow country Changbai Mountains. The production period span two winters. In addition the entire time we shot on location in the 30 some degrees below zero Celsius Northeast, constantly enduring bad weather for the shoot. Running to strong storms and snow were an everyday matter." Even the "Strongest in the Universe" almost collapsed from the exhaustion he suffered.

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