Friday, April 22, 2022


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After years of preparation and gigantic amount of investment, the science fiction action film WARRIORS OF FUTURE (MING YUT JIN GEI) will open this year. Yesterday was April 22 Earth Day, the film invited Hong Kong meteorology and former Hong Kong Observatory deputy chief Leung Wing Mo to examine today's life and talk about how to reduce the climatic crisis through the film's background -- an Earth that due to mankind's excessive use and war became a wasteland that halted civilization.

Leung Wing Mo mentioned that currently disasters that extreme weather has led to have already appeared around the world, including severe storms, draughts, floods, massive wildfires. The problem would only be how much worse it would deteriorate to in the future. "If the situation is only half as bad as WARRIORS OF FUTURE depicts, the situation is already very bad because mankind's quality of life would completely vanish." He explained, "In the ecological system, the collapse of a system would lead to a domino effect and create other systems' collapse. The 'point of no return' isn't a change that scientists can grasp. When the environmental damage would reach the 'point of no return', it would lead to tremendous trauma and destruction. Even I don't dare to imagine what the consequences would be then. The story that appears in WARRIORS OF TOMORROW might possibly occur for real."

To reduce the threat that the climate crisis would bring, Leung Wing Mo suggests for everyone to reduce waste. "Hong Kong has a very complete mass transportation system. Everyone can drive less and use public transportation more; travel less by plane and travel locally instead, discover the beautiful side of Hong Kong, eat less meat and more vegetables could also reduce carbon release." The most important is to elevate the heart of protecting nature. "For example during the pandemic, many would go camping. If they make a fire on grass to cook, the organic carbon and nutrients in the earth after being burnt would become useless. If tragically the fire leads to a wildfire, the damage would be even greater."

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